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Top Five Things That Everybody But Me Seems to Love

I’m a self-confessed curmudgeon. I think that faulty wiring in my soul ensures that irritation is my go-to emotion. I’m not proud of this, necessary; but I equally don’t shy away from it. I use it for entertainment purposes. I do like some things. Cheeseburgers. Tequila. Boogie Nights. The list of items in the dislike column is,… Continue reading Top Five Things That Everybody But Me Seems to Love

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The Confederate Flag Controversy

The recent “controversy” over the Confederate flag has illuminated for me an unfortunate cultural characteristic, one that goes unnoticed or undiscussed in the discourse of the heated issue. The flag’s defenders have numerous arguments including citing its history as “nothing more than a battle flag,” the suffocating state of political correctness, and the unlikelihood of… Continue reading The Confederate Flag Controversy